Toddler counting 123, a funny way to learn counting

Toddler counting 123Three days ago, my three years old daughter started to count things. At this age, children are very curious, but they aren’t able to identify numbers and quantities. If they have just two toys and you ask «how many toys do you have?», they just answer «three» or «five», or whatever number comes into their mind. This is why I realized it was the moment to start showing her to count. I tried with an abacus we have at home, but I needed something with different colors, sizes and shapes, so I performed a search through the App Store with the word «counting» and one of the results was this app. This is a really cheap app to sit down and play with your younger children and, believe me, it is worth it.

The interface is as simple as effective. It consists on a screen with a several number of objects or animals. For counting, the child has to touch any of then until all are marked with the corresponding number. At the same time, a locution repeats the number of each one. When all are counted up,  a colored centipede is displayed carrying the final number.

The app comes with a number of options that lets adapt it to the age and abilities of the child. First of all, you can setup the minimum and maximun number of objects with any value between 1 and 20. The mutitouch capabilities can be deactivated, so only one object can be selected each time. Furthermore, you can activate or deactivate which categories are showed each time. The counting mode can also be ascending or random and, finally, it can be configured in 9 languages, so it can also be used for learning a foreign language.

You can get it here.

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