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Thousands of apps can be used for teaching in a very innovative style. But today I only want to talk about one of the most useful apps for students and professors: GoodNotes. One of the things I really hate is moving papers. I usually prepare activities for my students, and they used to send their reports on paper. Well, you know the rest of the history: I never had enough time to check all of them, so I had to move all that paper home, and back to the college again. When we started to work with our Moodle platform this started to change. I adopted the PDF format as an standard for the reports of my students, but even if I didn’t had to move all in an out, I still felt that I needed a better tool to directly check and annotate their reports, and send them easily back.

When I bought my iPad, I started to look for an app that could help me on this activities. GoodNotes is one of them; the iTunes Store is plenty of similar apps for this, so just get one that you feel comfortable with. Nevertheless, this one is one of the most complete apps for hand note-taking:

  • Students can send all their stuff in PDF to their cloud-classroom, and I can just pick it up, annotate them if it is necessary and send them back through dropbox or email.
  • I can use notebooks as a whiteboard, explain anything and send it to the students at the end of the class wireless because it is AirPlay compatible.
  • When explaining anything, I can pick a picture from the Internet if I need it, use it live in the classroom and annotate on it.

Hand writing of this app is really awesome. I feel comfortable with it when writing and explaining on the same time, even when I use different colors and pen-sizes. Drawing perfect straight lines with this app is fast and easy thanks to it specialized pens. The look and feeling of the traces are real; you can select between roller pen and fountain pen, an eraser and even use a marker for highlight whatever you need.

These are some of the whiteboards I’ve recently shared with my students:

Whiteboard 1


Whiteboard 2

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